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1216 Northeast Sumner Street
Portland, OR, 97211

Shannon Heath is an Australian Artist and Designer living and creating in Portland, Oregon.


Our dreams take us on wild rides to many other worlds. Creating artwork based on the visions of my subconscious has been a long time practice of mine. My dreams show me worlds with no bounds, worlds rich and luxuriant with endless possibilities. Collection One – Other Worlds is for the dreamers. Dream big.


Imagine what it would be like in outer space. Dancing delicately on glittering moon dust. Collecting golden shooting stars. Floating weightlessly and effortlessly between the planets. Gracefully dodging bright white cosmic snowballs. It would be an eerie, yet ethereal silence. A celestial dark abyss.

“We all shine the moon and the stars and the sun...we all shine on...”  -John Lennon


Close your eyes and hear the ocean sounds. The pounding rhythm of the waves as they dance along the shoreline. Into the blue azure ocean we bathe in salty seawater to naturally strengthen, invigorate and cleanse the body and mind. The miracle of the sea is limitless in its healing powers. The hidden wonderland that lay beneath us creates an illusion of deep dark blue mystique. The long lost treasures that sparkle on the seabed, remind us that there is hope. 

“You could be my silver springs….My blue green colors flashin” – Fleetwood Mac


Wandering the uninhabited desert of coral lava beds and playa. Wind blown sand grains strike any object in their path. Like nomads, we flock to the barren land. Caravans of camels carrying salt, ivory and gold forge across the mountains. A sea of mosaic rocks appear, like a magnificent mirage. The rich golden landscape, the perfect playground for dreamers.

For whom does this moon rise?
Who stands to share the nighted skies,
as evening falls and morning dies?
Whose eyes will search the velvet night
to find each drop of golden light?
Which heart will sing enchanted tunes
whose words are wrought of mystic runes
and woven into Desert Moons?

-Steven L Nielson